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DuoFlow™ bi-lumen breathing system range extension

We are pleased to announce an extension to our range of DuoFlow™ bi-lumen breathing systems, with the introduction of 3m configurations. Duoflow™ bi-lumen breathing systems have an inspiratory and expiratory gas pathway in a single 22mm limb system.
The internally moulded inner septum creates a gas tight division and allows transfer of heat between the inspired and expired gases, optimising the warmth and humidity of the gas. The design means that exposure to the ambient air temperature is reduced and further minimises the cooling of gases, lessening condensate in the system. The system is DEHP free and in addition the single limb design reduces material content and subsequent waste, which reduces the overall impact upon the environment.

Contact your local Intersurgical representative to arrange a demonstration and visit the product page for further information.

NEW AccuPAP™ Positive Airway Pressure Therapy System

Introducing the AccuPAP™ system, the latest addition to our respiratory physiotherapy range.

AccuPAP™ is designed to deliver positive airway pressure indicated for the prevention and treatment of  atelectasis.
The AccuPAP™ includes adjustable PEEP, this allows the healthcare professional to deliver pressure levels according to each patient’s requirements.

Contact your local Intersurgical representative to arrange a demonstration and visit the product page for further information.

Find out who won our Photo Calendar Competition!

The theme for this years’ competition was ‘Seaside Snaps’ (suggested by our social media followers). We received a beach load of images, but our winning image of Tobermory was such a triumph!

Michael Glowala of York Hospital, took our winning photo, which takes our front page slot and is a perfect fit for the month of May. Michael has chosen to support Terrington Village Hall with his winning prize donation of £500.

The 12 winning entries are:

January: Brett Kearney-Jarrett – Broomfield Hospital

February: Catrin Day  – Gloucestershire Hospital

March: Dean Steventon – University Hospital of North Durham

April: David Hunt  – Queen Alexandra Hospital

May: (Winner) Michael Glowala – York Hospital

June: Wendy Robertson - Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

July: Sandip Pandhare – North Middlesex University Hospital

August:  Alastair Jakeman  – York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital

September: Susie Birchall  – Milton Keynes University Hospital

October: Jill Hewitt-Gray – NHS Tayside

November: Nicola Cawthorne  – University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire 

December: Steven King  – Leeds Teaching Hospitals

We would like to thank all of our participants for sending in their photos and congratulations to our winners!

Click here to request a free copy of our 2024 Photo Calendar, or click on the link below to view the pdf version.

Offering the complete solution in CO2 Absorbents

Intersurgical offer a choice of medical grade CO2 absorbents to suit all of your clinical requirements.

Spherasorb™, LoFloSorb™ and Intersorb Plus™ have been developed to the highest standard to ensure that you receive a product that delivers consistent performance. We are committed to offering this quality, together with innovative solutions and the widest choice possible.
Spherasorb in particular is a unique medical grade soda lime with a long history of use within anaesthesia, that exceeds all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias. Spherasorb’s chemical formulation specifically addresses the potential safety problems during medical use, while maintaining one of the highest possible CO2 capacity and therefore, reducing wastage and environmental impact.

As well as loose fill options, we offer a range of pre-filled absorbent cartridges and disposable absorbers to fit all anaesthetic machines on the market. Click here to view our pre-filled options.

Our range of CO2 absorbents is different from some other brands because it is developed in-house. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to control all aspects, from design and formulation right through to the manufacture. Technical expertise is on-hand to ensure you receive a safe, high quality product every time. Please visit our dedicated absorbents page to find the right solution for you.

5 reasons to replace your PVC mask with Intersurgical EcoLite™

Watch our new video giving you five reasons to choose Intersurgical EcoLite™.

The Intersurgical EcoLite™ range of oxygen and aerosol therapy products is an important part of the Eco range designed as part of our ongoing focus on sustainable development.
Improved patient comfort has been key to the ongoing development of the range. Watch our video to find out why you should choose Intersurgical EcoLite™ as an alternative to traditional PVC masks.

Visit our dedicated Intersurgical EcoLite™ page for further information and please do not hesitate to contact your local Intersurgical representative to discuss if the range is suitable for your requirements.

NEW Pleated mechanical breathing filters and HMEF

We are delighted to introduce three new pleated mechanical HEPA filters offering 99.9999% efficiency. These new options compliment our existing range of breathing filters, HMEFs and HMEs.
The Hydro-Guard™ Pro is a low volume pleated mechanical breathing filter which provides high efficiency HEPA filtration.

The pleated mechanical filter media provides high efficiency bacterial and viral protection of ≥ 99.9999% and the low volume minimises potential re-breathing, making it ideal for use at the patient airway and is available as a straight (code 1745162)  or angled (code 1745152) option.

The Inter-Therm™ Pro HMEF is a high efficiency HEPA filter combined with a unique corrugated paper HME which maximises the surface area to help provide a high level of protection combined with excellent humidification.

The Inter-Therm™ Pro HMEF (product code 1791902) pleated mechanical filter provides bacterial and viral efficiency of ≥ 99.9999%, reducing the risk of cross contamination, combined with optimal humidification of gases during mechanical ventilation.

View the full range on our dedicated filtration and humidification page and contact your local Intersurgical representative to discuss the right solution for you.

Hydro-Therm™ Micro HME

Intersurgical's Hydro-Therm Micro is a lightweight tracheostomy HME for your smallest patients.

Hydro-Therm™ Micro is suitable for neonates and infants with a tracheostomy, for short term procedures and during transportation between departments.
Designed to replicate the functions of the body’s upper airway by conserving expired heat and moisture and returning it to the patient during inhalation, the Hydro-Therm Micro has an open-celled foam HME that optimises surface area and maximises moisture return.

If you’d like to arrange a sample to evaluate, please contact your local Intersurgical representative and visit the product page for further information.

The AbCan™

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new AbCan™ 1.1L pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber, which will further extend our absorbents range.

The AbCan offers ease of exchange with minimal handling and provides a further option for customers who have made the choice to use pre-fills.

The AbCan is provided with a choice of: Spherasorb™ Unique medical grade soda lime (white to violet or pink to white colour change), and LoFloSorb™ Alkali-Hydroxide-Free carbon dioxide absorbent.  Therefore, we can once again provide the user with the choice of absorbent according to our customers’ requirements and preference. At 1.1L capacity, AbCan provides 40% more absorbent volume than other existing products.

Compatible with: Getinge® (formerly Maquet®) Anaesthesia Delivery Systems, Flow-i™ C20, C30, C40, Flow-c™ and Flow-e™.

Our products are developed in-house and manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility. This allows Intersurgical to control all aspects, from design and formulation, through to manufacture and quality, ensuring all our CO2 absorbents maintain the highest quality and exceed all the requirements of the relevant medical standards.

Please visit the product page and download the information sheet for further details, or contact your local Intersurgical representative to arrange a demonstration.

Getinge is a registered trademark of Getinge AB. Maquet is a registered trademark of Maquet GmbH. Flow-i, Flow-c and Flow-e are trademarks for Maquet Critical Care AB.


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