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StarMed respiratory hood NIV accessories

A range of accessories for the StarMed respiratory non-invasive ventilation (NIV) range.

The manometer accessory (CP917 or SPV108) can be used to convert any CaStar R or CaStar R UP NIV hood for use in CPAP therapy using an appropriate flow source.  Simply disconnect the expiratory tube and replace with the connector with built-in manometer and the adjustable PEEP valve if included.
Key studies discussing optimal ventilator settings and CO2 rebreathing topics are extensively discussed in our StarMed study portfolio.  The StarMed study database features studies covering a range of clinical scenarios and each study entry includes a brief summary abstract and further categorisation and tagging so you can search for studies based on their clinical setting, author, journal, date and any key words. We will continue to add new posts as further studies are released - so keep checking for the latest supporting material.  


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