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The Intersurgical InterCooler™ dehumidifier is engineered to remove 100% of excess moisture from the expiratory limb of heated wire breathing systems. InterCooler’s unique patented technology reduces the risk of cross infection by managing all excess fluid in the breathing system, increasing filtration and minimising ambient aerosol release. InterCooler is compatible with all leading ICU ventilators, humidifiers and dual heated wire breathing systems and is the only solution to offer complete control of expiratory condensate.  





Reduce Intervention

• Remove condensation from ventilator valves and sensors

• Minimise filter changes

• Maintain a clear gas pathway


Increase Protection

• Manage excess condensate safely and efficiently

• Increase filtration efficiency with 99.9999% efficient pleated  mechanical HEPA filter
 * (product code 1790007)

• Monitor device performance and when the consumable fluid collection bag requires replacing via the visual status indicator LED and audible alarm.

  How it works

Product overview video



Product set-up video






Additional accessories


References 1. Nelson laboratories Inc. Viral Filtration Efficiency Test of the Intersurgical Air-Guard Clear, code 1790000, 845255/STP0010 Rev 08

This product is not available in all markets, please contact your local office for full details.
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