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We offer a choice of medical grade CO2 absorbents to suit all of your clinical requirements. Spherasorb™, LoFloSorb™ and Intersorb Plus™ have been developed to the highest standard to ensure that you receive a product that delivers consistent performance. We are committed to offering this quality, together with innovative solutions and the widest choice possible.

Our range of CO2 absorbents is different from some other brands because it is developed in-house. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to control all aspects, from design and formulation right through to the manufacture. Technical expertise is on-hand to ensure you receive a safe, high quality product every time.

Conventional ‘standard’ soda lime absorbents have been used for many decades within anaesthetic re-breathing systems and have a good safety record. However, there are some safety considerations that have been raised.

There is a very low, but real risk of the absorbent drying out. If this happens, there is then the potential for unwanted interactions between the dry absorbent and the volatile anesthetic leading to generation of chemical breakdown products and heat.

Spherasorb™ and LoFloSorb™ have been developed specifically to address such concerns and offer additional safety benefits compared with standard soda lime formulation.

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