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For use with Portable Liquid Oxygen Systems to conserve the oxygen by supplying only when the patient inhales.

The Dual Lumen Cannulae is specifically designed for use with all electronic or pressure activiated portable liquid oxygen systems.  It features a dual lumen cannula which delivers oxygen to, and senses demand from both nostrils. When demand drops so does the supply of oxygen thus conserving the available supply of gas. The cannula is made from Intersurgical’s soft satin material, proven in testing to create 20% less friction* to the patients face and ears compared to a standard cannulae.
Features and benefits include:
  • Multi channel kink resistant tubing to allow the oxygen to continue to flow if the tubing becomes kinked.
  • Soft prongs to minimise irritation.
  • Interconnected tubing for effective tube management.
  • Delivery & sensing channels in both cannula prongs for optimal demand readings and avoids imbalance between nostrils.
  • Satin material which provides 20% less friction.


* Ref: 1. Annan. J. 69381 15.04.13_Friction test of standard cannulae against satin cannulae_issue1
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