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Intersurgical acquires Pulmodyne

Intersurgical is delighted to announce the acquisition of Pulmodyne, a USA and Malaysian based manufacturer, specialising in high quality innovative airway and respiratory products for use in prehospital, emergency care, critical care and the home. 
The specialised product range complements the wide Intersurgical global portfolio of products providing a further choice for both existing and new customers. Products in the range include: a full range of BiTracTM NIV masks and NIV accessories, CPAP delivery devices, Control-CricTM surgical airway, a range of breathing filters, atomised delivery devices and the AccupapTM breathing exercisers.

The acquisition will provide Intersurgical with an enhanced presence in the USA market and provide an opportunity for increased sales of the Pulmodyne ranges through the extensive global Intersurgical network.

One-Piece Guedel colour changes

Our range of Guedel oropharyngeal airways is now fully compliant to the colour coding guidance outlined in ISO 5364:2016.

To comply, we changed the colours of four sizes of our One-Piece Guedel Airway range as confirmed below. These are also available in a sterile option.
- ISO Size 3.5: Changed from Pink to Light Green
- ISO Size 6.5: Changed from White to Brown
- ISO Size 7.0: Changed from Yellow to White
- ISO Size 9.0: Changed from Orange to Yellow
View the full range on our product page or landing page.
Our One-piece Guedel airways combine two materials with very different physical characteristics into one moulding, resulting in the elimination of the separate bite block found in all conventional Guedel airway designs. Loose or detached bite blocks constitute a real threat to patient safety and have been the subject of several hazard notices in the past. Our One-piece design overcomes all of the associated risks. As well as improved safety, the One-piece also incorporates a softer tip reducing the risk of trauma to the patient.
For more information please visit

Protect with Silver Knight™ – anti-microbial anaesthetic breathing systems

In the continued fight against Hospital Acquired Infections, Intersurgical offer a range of anaesthetic breathing systems with an anti-microbial additive to further enhance patient safety.
The anti-microbial silver ions in the breathing system help to reduce bacteria by 99.9% and minimises the risk of cross-contamination.

Visit our dedicated page to find out more about the key patient safety features of our anaesthetic breathing systems. To view further information about Silver Knight, please click here, or contact your local Intersurgical representative to arrange a demonstration of the range.

Photo Calendar Competition – February’s Winning Entry!

Danielle Plant from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, takes February’s spot in our 2022 calendar.
This gorgeous image of the sun setting in the Lake District is the perfect image for this month, as we all dream of our holidays to come. Danielle took this photo whilst holidaying at Centre Parks and it was a great fit for our competition themed ‘On the Waterfront’.

Request your free 2022 photo calendar here, or download it via the pdf link below.

Colour coded breathing filters, HMEs and HMEFs

Intersurgical's range of breathing filters are colour coded for ease of identification, minimising any potential risk to the patient.
Our extensive range of breathing filters, Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) and Heat and Moisture Exchanging Filters (HMEFs) provide an effective barrier that prevents cross contamination between patients, breathing systems, respiratory and anaesthetic equipment, and the clinical environment.

They are colour coded for ease of selection:

• Yellow = Breathing filters
• Blue = HMEs
• Green (yellow + blue) = HMEF (Breathing filter + HME)

Visit our dedicated page to find out more about the key patient safety features of our anaesthetic breathing systems. To view further information about our filter range please visit the filtration and humidification page.

Photo Calendar Competition – January’s Winning Entry!

Xi Jin from Kettering General Hospital takes the first spot in our 2022 calendar.
The vibrant green of the rolling hills captured at Buttermere, Lake District, caught our eye and we thought it was the perfect image to kick off the year.

Request your free 2022 photo calendar here, or download it via the pdf link below.

i-gel® Plus

Introducing the i-gel® Plus - i-gel has evolved!
The i-gel® Plus represents one of the most significant advances in the design of supraglottic airways since the original i-gel® was introduced in 2007. It combines all the features and benefits of standard i-gel® and the i-gel® O2 with a number of key product enhancements, to help improve performance and safety and optimise ease of use.
The main features of the i-gel® Plus include:
  • Larger gastric channel – allows for the insertion of a larger gastric tube
  • Intubation ramp – optimises use as a conduit for intubation
  • Longer cuff tip – to help improve the oesophageal seal​ 

Visit our i-gel landing page or make an enquiry to find out more.

Association of Anaesthetist’s Virtual Winter Scientific Meeting

Join us at the Association’s Virtual WSM next week, it’s not too late to register.
We are delighted to be starting the year by supporting the Association’s Virtual WSM with an exhibitor profile and, we are also proud sponsors of the Award for Innovation.

Patient safety is a primary focus in the design of our product range. During the event we will be showing the safety features of our anaesthetic breathing systems including:

Integral monitoring – Our breathing systems with an integral monitoring line are securely anchored at the y-piece ensuring optimal positioning for accurate and reliable gas monitoring.

Silver Knight™ anti-microbial breathing systems – Anti-microbial silver ions in the breathing system help to reduce bacteria by 99.9% and minimises the risk of cross-contamination.

Breathing filters, HMEs, HMEFs – We offer an extensive range of high efficiency breathing filters, HMEs and HMEFs which are colour coded for ease of identification and appropriate clinical use.

Push and Twist - Intersurgical’s unique Push and Twist feature ensures a secure, leak free fit every time. We maintain and control high-precision tolerances in the design and manufacture of all connectors to ensure a safe and secure connection.

There will be many opportunities to chat live with our representatives if you have any questions and arrange a virtual product demonstration.

We look forward to catching up with you at the event, however, if you are unable to attend, please follow the conversation on our social media channels and visit our dedicated patient safety page.

New LiteScope™ one-piece direct laryngoscope

We are pleased to announce the launch of the LiteScope™ direct laryngoscope, the latest addition to our range of airway management devices and accessories.
LiteScope is a new single use and fully disposable laryngoscope, offering a quick and easy-to-use solution for intubation while maximising patient safety. Unlike a standard laryngoscope, the innovative one-piece design of LiteScope eliminates the need to connect a separate blade and handle, thus saving valuable time in an emergency.

Modelled on a Macintosh size 4 blade, the insertion technique is the same as for any standard laryngoscope with a Macintosh blade. LiteScope is ideal for use in:

• pre-hospital
• emergency medicine
• resuscitation
• anaesthesia
• difficult airway
• intensive care

As a single use, fully disposable laryngoscope, LiteScope eliminates the risks associated with the reprocessing of reusable devices, and therefore provides an ideal solution where there is a concern regarding infection control and also avoids any reprocessing costs.

For further information on LiteScope, or any of our other Airway Management devices, including the innovative i-gel® supraglottic airway, i-view™ video laryngoscope and Guedel airways, please contact us.

Season’s greetings from Intersurgical

Intersurgical wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season. View our Christmas message here!
As we look forward to planning for 2022, we would like to offer a FREE Intersurgical wall planner. Request your free copy here. Alternatively, download it via the pdf link below.


Annual Critical Care Symposium

Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel
April 27 - April 28 2023
Stand Number: 9

NACCS 2023

East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham
May 11 2023
Stand number: TBC

Intensive Care Society: State of the Art Meeting

ICC, Birmingham
June 27 - June 29 2023
Stand Number: 5


CBS Arena, Coventry
June 28 - June 29 2023
Stand: M16

AfPP Annual Conference

University of York
August 10 - August 13 2023
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