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i-gel® Plus

Introducing the i-gel® Plus - i-gel has evolved!
The i-gel® Plus represents one of the most significant advances in the design of supraglottic airways since the original i-gel® was introduced in 2007. It combines all the features and benefits of standard i-gel® and the i-gel® O2 with a number of key product enhancements, to help improve performance and safety and optimise ease of use.
The main features of the i-gel® Plus include:
  • Larger gastric channel – allows for the insertion of a larger gastric tube
  • Intubation ramp – optimises use as a conduit for intubation
  • Longer cuff tip – to help improve the oesophageal seal​ 

Visit our i-gel landing page or make an enquiry to find out more.

UK Calendar Competition – Vote for your favourite theme.

Vote to choose the theme for our UK Photo Calendar Competition.
Every year we run a photo calendar competition for our UK customers, with a donation to charity as the winning prize. This year, we would like you choose the theme by voting for your favourite via our social media channels.

You can vote via LinkedIn and Twitter and on our Instagram and Facebook stories. The themes you can choose from include:

Seaside Snaps – Photos taken from your coastal escapes and seaside breaks in the UK.
British Landmarks – Capture the UK’s famous landmarks, from the London Eye to The Angel of the North.
Country Life – Snaps of the UK’s green landscape and wonderful wildlife.

We will launch the competition in April so keep an eye on our socials and website to find out which theme is the winner and for details on how you can enter. 

Offering the complete solution in CO2 Absorbents

We offer a complete range of medical grade carbon dioxide absorbents and standard soda lime, that meet all clinical requirements and safety needs within anaesthesia.

The products can be provided in either loose fill or various pre-filled options for the use with the majority of anaesthetic machines. The two latest additions to our CO2 absorbents range are both prefilled absorbers offering ease of exchange with minimal handing - The SmartCan™ for use with GE anaesthetic machines and The AbCan™ for Getinge machines.

The SmartCan™ 1.6L pre-filled disposable absorber
- compatible with GE Healthcare®, 600 series, Carestation® 650™,

The AbCan™ 1.1L pre-filled disposable absorber
-  compatible with the Getinge® (formerly Maquet®) Anaesthesia Delivery Systems, Flow-i™ C20, C30, C40, Flow-c™ and Flow-e™.

Both of these options are available with Spherasorb™ white to violet colour change, Spherasorb™ pink to white, and LoFloSorb™.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you would like further information about the new additions to the range, or would like to arrange a product demonstration. Please visit our dedicated page to find the right solution for you.

GE Healthcare is a registered trademark of General Electric Company. Carestation is a registered trademark of Datex-Ohmeda, Inc. Datex-Ohmeda, Inc. is a General Electric Company. 620, 650, 650c Pendant and 650c Wall Mount are trademarks of General Electric Company.

Getinge is a registered trademark of Getinge AB. Maquet is a registered trademark of Maquet GmbH. Flow-i, Flow-c and Flow-e are trademarks for Maquet Critical Care AB.


Photo Calendar Competition – March's Winning Entry and our Winner overall!

Eden Lowe, University Hospital Southampton, takes March’s spot on our ‘Furry Friends’ Calendar.

Tiggy the Jack Russell was the real winner and we even went to meet them to present their prize, find out more about Eden and Tiggy here. This photo of Tiggy is the perfect fit for the Spring month of March.

You can see Tiggy along with all the other Furry Friends in the pdf linked below and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a FREE copy.

The Intersurgical EcoLite™ range

Watch our new video highlighting how the Intersurgical EcoLite™ mask has the potential to reduce the amount of clinical waste generated.
The Intersurgical EcoLite™ range has many benefits compared to PVC alternatives. One of these is the potential to reduce the amount of clinical weight generated, which could help healthcare providers achieve their own environmental goals and objectives. To explain, we have produced a short video which can be viewed on our dedicated Sustainability page or directly via YouTube.

BiTrac™ Select range of NIV masks

We can offer the complete solution in patient interfaces for NIV, CPAP and HFOT.
Our latest addition to the range include the Pulmodyne BiTrac™ NIV masks.

The BiTrac™ NIV product family features a variety of interfaces that are designed to increase patient comfort and compliance in respiratory distress scenarios. The full face and nasal masks are highly adjustable, and their seal’s design minimise pressure exerted on the bridge of the nose.

BiTrac™ MaxShield Select™ is a total face mask, available in 3 adult sizes, with multiple elbows options to meet your clinical requirements.  We also have a range for paediatrics with two sizes for the smallest patients.

Please contact your local representative to arrange a demonstration of the range.

Photo Calendar Competition – February's Winning Entry!

Julie Lehman, County Hospital Stafford, takes February’s spot on our ‘Furry Friends’ Calendar.
We are so happy to introduce Tia and Charlie! This duo are the best of friends and are the perfect pair to brighten up February.

This beautiful photo was submitted by previous winner, Julie Lehman who is a fabulous photographer in her spare time. You can see Tia and Charlie along with all the other Furry Friends in the pdf linked below and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a FREE copy.


Introducing the extended MiniMe®2 range, a single-patient use paediatric nasal NIV mask for use in the hospital or homecare environment.

Designed for children ages 2-12, the MiniMe®2 is now available in four sizes, both with vented and non-vented options for CPAP and bilevel therapy.  The masks feature AIR°gel® with Advanced Cushion Technology™, providing your smallest patients the ultimate fit and maximum comfort.

The masks also offer the following benefits:
• Custom fit technology – the shell and cushion of the mask can easily be moulded to fit individual needs; once fixed, it will hold its shape
• Touchless Spacebar™ – a unique design eliminates any contact with the patient’s forehead
• 360° rotating elbow – for optimal tube positioning and ease patient mobility
• New headgear – now with five adjustment points

To find out more visit the website product page, to review the information sheet and additional product information.

MiniMe®2 is part of our Patient Interfaces range, please visit the dedicated landing page for full details.

MiniMe®2 and AIR°gel® are registered trademarks of Sleepnet Corporation. Touchless Spacebar and Advanced Cushion Technology are trademarks of Sleepnet Corporation.

Introducing the USB™ - a hybrid stylet and bougie in one simple to use device.

We are delighted to introduce to you the latest addition to our Airway Management.
The unique design of the USB™ incorporates two metal inserts either side of a more flexible section. As a result, the USB™ can easily be manipulated to a variety of angles when used as a stylet, yet has the flexibility when used as a bougie to provide a significantly enhanced level of tracheal ring feedback.

The USB™ represents a significant advance in the design and development of tracheal introducers (bougies) and stylets and offers a number of key advantages over traditional bougies and stylets:

• Hybrid bougie and stylet
• Improved insertion and removal
• Improved storage
• Improved tracheal ring detection
Please visit our dedicated USB™ page for further information and contact your local Intersurgical representative to arrange a product demonstration.

Photo Calendar Competition – January’s Winning Entry!

Time to give a round of a paws to Gemma Fitzgerald from Queen’s Hospital, Burton on Trent who takes January’s spot on our brand new 2023 ‘Furry Friends’ Calendar.

We are mutts about this image of Norman the dog enjoying the snow, the perfect fit for the month of January. You can see Norman and 11 other Furry Friends in the pdf linked below and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a FREE copy.


Association of Anaesthetist’s Winter Scientific Meeting

QEII Centre, London
January 11 - January 12 2024
Stand: 34


CBS Arena, Coventry
June 26 - June 27 2024
Stand: B29

BACCN Conference

P&J Live, Aberdeen
October 7 - October 8 2024
Stand: 24
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