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Intersurgical offers a complete range of products for neonates and paediatrics for all your requirements.  

We offer a wide range of 10mm and 15mm Flextube™ and Smoothbore breathing systems suitable for resuscitation and various ventilators available in different lengths, configurations and tube types for your clinical requirements.

Some of the range are outlined across the page but to find out more click on the images below or view our catalogue.


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The extensive product range also includes the following products,  plus more:

• nFlow™ infant nasal CPAP breathing systems
• Chambers for heated humidification
• Airway Management products and accessories
• Breathing filters, HMEs and HMEFs
• Bag-Valve-Masks (BVMs) and resuscitation masks 
• Spirometry sets and sensors
• CO2 absorbents range
• Oxygen and aerosol therapy products
• A full range of accessories and connectors


To find out more about our paediatric and neontal range or simply have a question please get in touch.


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