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Baggins the Bear



                         An example of Baggins on our 2122000
                              infant T-piece breathing system


For most children and their families, the thought of having a general anaesthetic can be quite frightening.  At Intersurgical, we have a number of paediatric products available to assist in distracting and relaxing a child undergoing anaesthesia. These can be identified by the Baggins the Bear design.

We also offer a Baggins the Bear collection to ease the experience of a hospital stay including: 

- A storybook which tells the story of the character Baggins undergoing a general anaesthetic and includes colouring and activity sections. 

- A large poster to play Spot the Baggins! This is designed to be attached to the ceiling in the anaesthetic room.

- A bravery certificate.

Download and print the documents below simply by clicking on the image. 

You can now also purchase quantities of Baggins the Bear storybook (order code 9102000). Please contact your local Representative for more information.







Bravery Certificate 






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