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 Intersurgical are delighted to support the Association of Anaesthetist’s first virtual WSM and sponsor the annual Award for Innovation.

We are delighted to showcase our range of Airway Management, Anaesthesia and Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy products, as well as our Infection Control solutions.

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  Airway Management Solutions  

Intersurgical offer a range of airway management devices from the y-piece connection of the breathing system to the patient's airway. View the full range here.


   Anaesthesia Solutions  

Intersurgical offer a range of anaesthesia breathing systems, anaesthetic face masks, and accessories for use in the operating room, recovery and emergency care. View the full range here.

  Oxygen & Aerosol Therapy  

Intersurgical offer a range of products for fixed and variable concentration oxygen therapy, aerosol and nebulisation therapy. View the full range here.


  Infection Control Solutions  

Our range of respiratory products offers a number of options which may be used to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between patients and health care workers in the clinical environment. View the full range here

  NEW FlextubeTM breathing systems with integral monitoring line  

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new range of 22mm Flextube breathing systems with integral monitoring line.

Securely anchored at the Y-piece, the gas monitoring line is conveniently and safely positioned inside the length of the tube to ensure optimal positioning for gas monitoring. This helps to reduce the number of patient connections,
ensure accurate and reliable gas monitoring, as well as providing convenience for the clinician. Visit the product page for further information, to view the video and product information sheet.

  i-viewTM video laryngoscope

The i-viewTM is a single-use, one adult size, fully disposable video laryngoscope with no reusable components and is therefore ideal for use where there are concerns regarding infection control.
Visit our 
dedicated page for further information
and to view the information sheet.

  Anaesthetic face masks - available without a hook ring  

Intersurgical offer a comprehensive range of anaesthetic face masks. The following ranges are now available without a hook ring minimising waste:

TM Masks

Economy Masks

Scented Masks



  Baggins the Bear collection

In recent years there has been an increased awareness of perioperative stress in children undergoing anaesthesia. It is estimated that 40-60% of children develop significant anxiety before their surgery, which is shown to be consistent regardless of country, procedure or healthcare system.

We offer a number of paediatric products to assist in distracting and relaxing a child undergoing anaesthesia,
which can be identified by the Baggins the Bear design. The Baggins the Bear design is also incorporated into a collection of supporting material that has been developed to help ease children’s journey through their hospital stay and when undergoing anaesthesia. Visit our dedicated page to view the full Baggins the Bear collection.



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