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Due to the enhanced anatomical design, the ClearLite mask offers superior seal performance with minimum pressure, reducing the risk of unnecessary discomfort or potential trauma.

The superior seal will also assist the clinician in providing optimum manual ventilation of the patient in both the anaesthetic and emergency situation.

ClearLite is a range of anaesthetic face masks which includes seven sizes to meet the clinical needs of all patient types and sizes. The range is available in sizes 0 neonatal to size 6 extra large adult.

ClearLite is non-PVC and phthalate free which significantly minimises the impact upon the environment.

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Features and benefits

Lightweight: Provides enhanced grip and comfort in use for the clinician.

Anatomical shape: Provides a precise fit for different face shapes and sizes. Minimum pressure is required to achieve an effective seal reducing the risk of inadvertent trauma and nerve damage.

Crystal clear body: Provides excellent visibility for confirmation that the patient is well perfused.

Reduced mask volume: Reduces potential rebreathing and risks associated with elevated levels of end tidal CO2.

Safe and secure connection: This is achieved between the mask and the breathing system in use.  The ISO 22mm tapered connection complies with ISO 5356.

Flexible non-inflatable cuff: Provides a comfortable and effective airtight seal.

Colour-coding: The comfortable, flexible seal is colour coded to allow quick and easy identification of the correct sized mask.

Reduce waste: Available without a hook ring

Lower environmental impact: Non-PVC and phthalate free.


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