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The '7 steps' to help improve patient and environmental safety in anaesthesia summarises the patient safety features and environmental advantages of using an Intersurgical breathing system.  Use the links below, under each step, to find out more about the benefits of our anaesthesia product range.

Integral monitoring line

Intersurgical’s modular breathing systems include an integral gas monitoring line which helps to improve accuracy, consistency and reduces the number of connections.

View our modular breathing system range

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Silver Knight™

Antimicrobial silver ions within our Silver Knight™ breathing systems  reduces bacterial proliferation and minimise cross-contamination.

Read more about Silver Knight™ anti-microbial breathing systems

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Tethered caps

All Intersurgical anaesthetic breathing systems have brightly coloured and tethered luer caps, which help reduce the risk of foreign body aspiration during ventilation.

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Push and Twist

Intersurgical’s unique Push and Twist feature ensures a safe, secure, and leak free connection every time.

Find out how to make a safe and secure connection

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Colour coded filters

Intersurgical’s filter range is colour coded for ease of identification and to ensure the correct filter/HME is used at the correct position within the breathing system, minimising any potential risk to the patient.

Learn more about filtration and humidification


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Intersurgical sodalime

The absorbency capacity of Spherasorb™ means that fewer kilos are used per hour of anaesthesia than many other absorbents and production waste is also recycled back into usable soda lime, reducing the amount of waste and lowering the overall environmental impact.

View our choice of medical grade CO₂ absorbents

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Reduce your environmental impact

Intersurgical’s ClearLite™ anaesthetic mask provides a 72% reduction in environmental impact compared to a traditional PVC mask.

Learn more about our sustainable development

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For further information about patient safety and Intersurgical’s commitment to lowering our environmental impact please click on the supporting links above or contact us for additional support.


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