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Resuscitation and Emergency Care • Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Delivery Systems 89
O2/N2O breathing systems
These systems are designed for use with the various brands of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide analgesic gas, administered in three different ways, as follows:
• Free  ow via a variable  ow meter
• Remote cylinder or wall mounted demand valve • Hand-held demand valve
There are many therapeutic indications for this gas, such as: emergency care, trauma, burns, reduction of simple fractures, delivery rooms, dental, endoscopy and transport.
O2/N2O breathing systems for free- ow applications
Code Description
2612000 O2/N2O breathing system with a 2L PVC bag for single-use
2612001 O2/N2O breathing system with a 2L latex-free reservoir bag, for repeated use
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O2/N2O delivery systems
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HyperVentTM bag
The HyperVent bag is designed to facilitate the treatment of hyperventilation. It comprises a housing with integral mouthpiece ensuring it is easy for the patient to hold. This is connected to a strong plastic bag. Unlike paper bags the HyperVent bag does not disintegrate with use, is medically clean and eliminates the risk of inhaling foreign bodies.
Code Description 1130000 HyperVent bag
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22M One-way valve
Code Description
2620001 O2/N2O breathing system with mouthpiece and one-way valves, 2.8m 2630001 O2/N2O breathing system with mask and one-way valves, 2.8m
1644137 Mouthpiece  lter kit Clear-GuardTM Midi low volume breathing  lter, mouthpiece
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One-way valve
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