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Introduction • Intersurgical Initiatives
Intersurgical Initiatives
Intersurgical has a number of initiatives where we can provide a little more information about our products and services. These can all be found online, please do take a look.
The Eco range
Our Eco range of products are comfortable for the patient and comfortable for the environment
Silver KnightTM
Anti-microbial breathing systems helping in the  ght against Healthcare Acquired Infections
The facts about phthalates & DEHP
Intersurgical has developed a phthalate (DEHP) free range of nasal cannulae for neonates to help eliminate all products containing DEHP from
the Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Infant nasal CPAP system
The smallest patients often need the most care. Safety and comfort are vital to help infants with their earliest steps in life
Resuscitation & Emergency care
Intersurgical can offer you a complete range of products for use in an emergency and resuscitation situation
Intersurgical range
Comfortable for the patient Comfortable for the environment ow
CaStar range of hoods for CPAP therapy and non-invasive ventilation (NIV).
QuadraLite is a soft and comfortable anaesthesia mask available in four sizes to  t all patients
Sterile products
The range of end tidal CO2 monitoring products
Intersurgical • Quality, innovation and choice

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