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A guide to our tube types
We manufacture a variety of tubes to suit different applications and clinical requirements:
FlextubeTM – for  exibility
Most of our breathing systems, plus our Flexible range of catheter mounts, are made from Intersurgical Flextube. The tube is  exible and has a unique clip feature ensuring an airtight  t when used with our connectors with a recess.
Smoothbore – for improved  ow characteristics
We have a range of breathing systems and catheter mounts made from Smoothbore tubing. A non–PVC Eco option is also available providing a lower environmental impact. The clear crush resistant tubing offers improved ventilatory support, with:
• Improved  ow characteristics • Lower tubing compliance
• Lower system volume
Anti-microbial breathing systems – reduce risks
In the continued  ght against Hospital Acquired Infections, Intersurgical has developed the Silver KnightTM range of products with an anti-microbial additive to further enhance patient safety. This anti-microbial, silver-based ion additive has been introduced to a range of breathing systems for both anaesthesia and intensive care use. Testing to ISO Standard 22196 shows a reduction in bacterial viable
count by 99.9% against controls. You can  nd more information about Silver Knight on page 58.
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