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Baggins the Bear collection Helping your paediatric patient undergoing anaesthesia
For most children and their families, the thought of having a general anaesthetic can be quite frightening. At Intersurgical, we have a number of paediatric products available to assist in distracting and relaxing a child undergoing anaesthesia. These can be identi ed by the Baggins the Bear design.
Baggins the Bear design
• A storybook telling Baggins’ story as he undergoes a general anaesthetic, and includes colouring and activity sections. You can • now also purchase quantities of Baggins the Bear storybook. Please contact your local representative for more information.
• A large poster to play Spot the Baggins! This is designed to be attached to the ceiling in the anaesthetic room.
We also offer a Baggins the Bear collection including:
A bravery certi cate.
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Baggins the Bear storybook (UK)
Infant T-piece breathing system with 0.5L closed tail bag, 1.8m
10 15
Bravery Certi cate
Baggins the Bear Bravery Certi cate
This is to certify that ___________________________
was very brave during their
stay in hospital on_____________
Baggins the Bear from
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