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Introduction • Guide to the Catalogue
A guide to symbols used in this catalogue
Throughout the catalogue we use a number of symbols to identify speci c characteristics about our products, please familiarise yourself with these below.
Lower environmental impact product
The Eco range of products has been designed as part of our ongoing focus on sustainable development. Wherever you see the logo we have reduced the environmental impact of these products compared to traditional
PVC options.
Single use and Latex free
All products detailed in this catalogue are single-use and latex-free unless otherwise stated. The AlternaTM range of products is reprocessable and
are all indicated.
Sterile range
A number of our products are only supplied sterile and are identi ed by the symbol. Where we have both a non-sterile and sterile option available (S*) is shown after the code number. Simply add S to the end of the 7 digit code to order the sterile version.
View product video
We have a large number of product videos to show how our products can be used and their features and bene ts. These can be viewed via the website on the Video page, where available are indicated by the play button.
Silver KnightTM
A range of Silver Knight breathing systems with anti-microbial additive for anaesthesia and intensive care is available, offering an option to help reduce the risks of cross infection.
You can  nd more information about Silver Knight on page 58.
Baggins the Bear
The Baggins the Bear symbol can be found on a number of paediatric products that help to distract and relax children undergoing anaesthesia. See the website for the Baggins the Bear collection to ease the experience of a hospital stay including: colouring book, poster and bravery certi cate.
A guide to our ports and caps
Ports and caps are available on a variety of products including catheter mounts, elbows, T-pieces, Y-pieces and connectors. For added safety all lntersurgical port caps are  xed to the connectors, to prevent loss or misplacement in use.
Video available at
Luer ports
For secure attachment of gas sampling lines with luer lock  ttings
7.6mm port and
 ip top cap
For insertion of all standard 7.6mm probes or for suctioning
Double  ip top cap with seal
Bronchoscopy and suction ports in one patient connection
First tab open: bronchoscope mode with seal
Intersurgical • Quality, innovation and choice
Second full cap open: suction mode

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