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Anaesthetic Breathing Systems • Coaxial Breathing Systems
UniFlowTM universal coaxial breathing systems ideally suited for low  ow anaesthesia
The UniFlow range of universal coaxial anaesthetic breathing systems has been designed to meet the demands of changing clinical practice and user demands.
UniFlow systems  t all standard carbon dioxide absorbers and are ideally suited for use in low  ow anaesthesia.
Integral respiratory gases monitoring line safely inside the outer lumen
Cannot be caught accidentally, which can result in a disconnection of the monitoring line
(not applicable with 2900000 and 2901000)
Dual lumen feature
Patient receives warmer humid gases than with a conventional two limb parallel system
Extendable expiratory gases limb up to 0.5 metres long Easy to  t UniFlow to any absorber system
Silver KnightTM version
Also available, please refer to page 58 for details
Large 30mm diameter
outer lumen
This ensures that the resistance to  ow of the expired gases is kept
to a minimum. During the passive expiratory phase of spontaneous breathing, the patient will experience no additional resistance
The inner lumen has an integral swivel feature The inner lumen is independent from the
outer lumen reducing the possibility of kinking leading to restriction of gas  ow
The inner lumen is  xed at the patient end
The inner lumen will not migrate up the outer lumen adding to the dead space. It also allows for the insertion of the UniFlow leak tester to assess the integrity of the inner lumen, as recommended by
the AAGBI1
Video available at
Each UniFlow system comes complete with a leak tester
Easy to test the integrity of the inner lumen as recommended by the AAGBI1. Safety is assured as both the inner and outer lumens can be properly and independently tested for leaks.
Reference: 1. ‘Checking Anaesthetic Equipment 3’, (2004), E2, Anaesthetic Association of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI).
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