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Anaesthetic Face Masks • AlternaTM Anaesthetic Masks – Reprocessable
ClearFlexTM economy silicone anaesthetic masks – reprocessable
ClearFlex Economy masks are a lower cost alternative for those looking for the bene ts gained from a latex-free silicone mask.
The masks incorporate an integral standard connector with a proven anatomical design. The clear design ensures excellent clarity; this means optimum visibility through the mask. The smaller sizes have a cylindrical shape to assist in establishing and maintaining an airtight seal with infants and neonates.
They are autoclavable up to a maximum temperature of 137 °C.
8848005 ClearFlex economy, large adult, silicone anaesthetic mask with hook ring, 22F 5 5
8848004 ClearFlex economy, medium adult, silicone anaesthetic mask with hook ring, 22F 4 5
8848003 ClearFlex economy, small adult, silicone anaesthetic mask with hook ring, 22F 3 5
8848002 ClearFlex economy, paediatric, silicone anaesthetic mask, 22F 2 5
8848001 ClearFlex economy, infant, silicone anaesthetic mask, 15M 1 5
8848000 ClearFlex economy, neonatal, silicone anaesthetic mask, 15M 0 5
8848006 ClearFlex economy, premature, silicone anaesthetic mask, 15M 00 5 Make an enquiry
Rendell Baker silicone anaesthetic masks – reprocessable
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A range of latex-free silicone anatomical shaped masks designed in accordance with Rendell Baker speci cations, ideal for paediatric use, as a gas tight seal can be achieved with only minimal pressure.
The masks have the advantage of a low deadspace and can be steam sterilised up to temperatures of 137 °C.
8748014 Rendell Baker, paediatric, clear silicone mask, 22F
8748013 Rendell Baker, small paediatric, clear silicone mask, 22F
8748012 Rendell Baker, infant, clear silicone mask, 22F
8748011 Rendell Baker, neonatal, clear silicone mask, 22F Make an enquiry
Mask accessories
Adult and paediatric silicone harnesses and a hook ring to  t our range of AlternaTM face masks.
8740007 4-point silicone head harness, adult
8740008 4-point silicone head harness, paediatric
8724013 Hook Ring for anatomical reprocessable masks Make an enquiry
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Box Qty.
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