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Breathing Filters, HMEs and HMEFs • Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs)
Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs)
In normal respiration the anatomy of the upper airway helps to warm and humidify inspired air, and to retain the warmth and moisture contained in expired air. During inspiration, even cold or dry air is typically heated to 37 °C and, fully saturated, contains 44mg H2O per litre. In mechanical ventilation or anaesthesia, the patient’s upper airway may be bypassed by the introduction of a tracheal tube. As a result the patient’s lungs may be confronted with cold dry inspired gas.
Respiratory epithelium adversely affected by heat and moisture loss
Prolonged exposure to dry ventilatory gases can lead to:
• Localised in ammation of the trachea
• A reduction in ciliary function
Goblet cell
Intermediate cell
Reduced ciliary function
Columnar cell Basement cell
• Retention and thickening of secretions
• Lowering of patient temperature
• Reduction in cardiopulmonary function
• Increased risk of tracheostomy tube occlusion • Extended duration and cost of care
Hydro-TrachTM T range
A heat and moisture exchanger designed for use on tracheostomised patients, the Hydro-Trach T is an ideal product for prolonged use with spontaneously breathing patients.
Clear housing
For easy visual inspection of possible secretion build up
Anti-occlusion mechanism
Allows the HME element to partially dislodge in the event of total occlusion or vigorous cough
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Box Qty.
Moisture return Resistance at 30L/min Resistance at 60L/min Compressible volume Weight
Minimum tidal volume Accessories
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26mg H2O/L
0.2cm H2O 0.7cm H2O 19ml
15F >60ml 1.8m oxygen tube
Clipped suctioning port
Allows for easier suctioning without removal of the device
Small and lightweight
Reduces the pull on the patient connection
An integral swivel oxygen connector
Allows for connection of the oxygen tube without the need of a separate oxygen adapter, which can be easily folded away when not in use
Average Fi O2 at variable O2  ow rates
1 26.5%
2 32.2%
3 35.0%
4 38.2%
5 41.8%
6 44.9%
7 47.9%
8 50.6%
Oxygen (L/min)
Fi O2 at 15 BPM
1873000 (S*)
1874000 (S*)
25 (100*)
26mg H2O/L
0.2cm H2O
0.7cm H2O
Sterile option available
(S*) Add an S to the seven digit code number for the sterile version of this product eg. 5000000S (sterile box quantity is shown in brackets).
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