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Intersurgical Pulmo-ProtectTM lung function  lter
Forced expiratory and inspiratory manoeuvres are used to assess a patient’s lung function. This assessment helps diagnose the extent of any disease process in the patient’s lung, as a pre
and postoperative assessment, during smoking cessation and occupational health programmes.
During these tests patients may generate peak  ows as high as 12 L/sec (720 LPM) and expel infective droplets, which could contaminate the pulmonary function test equipment. As a result cross infection between patients is a real risk1.
Pulmo-Protect combines low resistance with a high bacterial and viral ef ciency  lter designed speci cally to protect the patient and equipment during lung function tests.
Expiratory breath
Pulmo-Protect provides:
• Protection of pulmonary function test equipment
• High  ltration properties reduces risk of contamination • between patients
Low resistance performance ensures ef cacy of results and
complies with ATS/ERS recommendations2
• Low functional volume
• Microbiological  ltration effectiveness has been
independently tested and validated to provide >99.99%
ef ciency against bacteria and viruses3
• Flexible, comfortable, disposable mouth piece helps with
• patient compliance and improve the effectiveness of the test
Comfortable single patient nose clip prevents • patient-to-patient touch contamination
Device compatible range of colour coded  lters available individually or as a complete pulmonary function test kit
Filtered air
Pulmo-Protect options
1691002 NEW
1691052 NEW
1691012 NEW
1691010 (Qty 30)
Electrostatic  lter
For use with the following test devices
Pulmo-Protect lung function  lter
Filter, mouthpiece and nose clip
Filter,  exible mouthpiece and nose clip
1691000 (Qty 50)
1691050 (Qty 30)
1691001 (Qty 50)
1691051 (Qty 30)
JAEGER®, MasterScreen, SensorMedics®, VmaxTM, Micro Medical®, Chest and Microgard®
Medisoft, BodyBox, HypAir Compact + and SpiroAir Fukuda Denshi®, SP-350 and Fudac-77
1691020 NEW Flexible mouthpiece 1691040 NEW Nose clip
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1691011 (Qty 30) 1691002 (Qty 50)    1691052 (Qty 30)    1691012 (Qty 30)
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10 35
1. Journal of Respiratory Medicine 2005.09.015 An audit into the ef cacy of single use bacterial/viral  lters for the prevention of equipment contamination during lung function assessment. 2. European Respiratory Journal 2005; 26: 319–338 Standardisation of spirometry M.R. Miller, J. Hankinson, V. Brusasco, F. Burgos, et al. 3. Nelson Labs 771942B.1
4. Nelson Labs 771943B.1
JAEGER is a registered trademark of CareFusion Germany 234 GmbH. SensorMedics is a registered trademark of SensorMedics Corporation. Vmax is a trademark of SensorMedics Corporation. Micro Medical is a registered trademark of CareFusion U.K. 232 Limited. Microgard is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson and Company. Fukuda Denshi is a registered trademark of Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd.
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