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Air-Guard Clear 1790000 (S*) 50 (40*) >99.9999% 0.7cm H2O 1.7cm H2O 120ml
56g 22F-22M/15F >600ml
Box Qty.
Filtration ef ciency
Resistance to  ow at 30L/min Resistance to  ow at 60L/min Compressible volume
Minimum Tidal Volume
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< 24 hours
Sterile option available
(S*) Add an S to the seven digit code number for the sterile version of this product eg. 5000000S (sterile box quantity is shown in brackets).
Breathing Filters, HMEs and HMEFs • Breathing Filters
For use in respiratory systems and oxygen concentrators
The Intersurgical Air-Guard is a hydrophobic pleated mechanical  lter for the protection of oxygen concentrators and other respiratory equipment.
Providing an excellent level ( >99.9999%) of protection against bacterial and viral challenges, the Air-Guard’s product performance has been tested, validated and veri ed at independent microbiological laboratories.
The Air Guard pleated mechanical  lter is validated for 24-hours use but this can be extended when used in non-humidi ed gas  ow. The product can be used for extended periods of time for the protection of oxygen concentrators, upon the discretion of the clinician.
Please note: This product is contraindicated for use at the patient connection end of the breathing system.
Respiratory system protection
Oxygen concentrator protection
Entrained air
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