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Breathing Filters, HMEs and HMEFs • Breathing Filters
Low-resistance breathing  lter for CPAP and bilevel
Flo-Guard provides a combination of  ltration performance with low-resistance, ideal for use in both the hospital and the home, where high  ow rates may be used, including CPAP, bilevel and cough-assist applications.
Electrostatic  lter media
Providing an excellent  ltration ef ciency
Large surface area
To reduce resistance to  ow
Conical shape
To aid air ow
Clear housing
For good visibility
Box Qty.
Filtration ef ciency Resistance at 30L/min Resistance at 60L/min Resistance at 90L/min Resistance at 120L/min Resistance at 150Lmin Resistance at 180L/min Resistance at 210L/min Resistance at 240L/min Compressible volume Weight
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50 >99.99% 0.4 cm H2O 0.8cm H2O 1.4cm H2O 2.0cm H2O 2.7cm H2O 3.4cm H2O 4.3cm H2O 5.1cm H2O 80ml 28g 22F-22M
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