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Breathing Systems for Critical Care • nFlowTM Infant Nasal CPAP Breathing Systems
Designed to care
The smallest patients often need the most care. Safety and comfort are vital to help infants with their earliest steps in life.
A choice for infant CPAP
The Intersurgical nFlow system offers a complete care solution for infant CPAP with established ‘gas  ip’ technology, providing a low ‘work of breathing’ option as an alternative to ventilator CPAP.
nFlow is compatible with  ow drivers designed for use with gas  ip technology CPAP, providing slightly higher system pressure associated with this treatment.
Flow driver
Spike for reservoir bag
The nFlow system
The nFlow system is supplied assembled with generator, heated wire limb, 10mm adjustable Superset style exhaust tube for ef cient gas removal. The complete nFlow breathing system range is phthalate free including the small bore tube used for monitoring and gas delivery.
A choice of patient interfaces and bonnets
Patient interfaces and bonnets are supplied separately to avoid waste. Use the size guide provided to choose the correct option for your patient.
Humidi er
Intersurgical • Quality, innovation and choice
Fresh gas
Optional silencer kit (4708000)
Patient interface connection
Bonnet tie
C Nasal masks
nFlow set up video available at
Airway pressure monitoring line
Exhaust tube
nFlow generator
system illustrated
D Nasal prongs

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