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Breathing Systems for Critical Care • Adaptable Breathing System Design
Adaptable breathing system design
All Intersurgical neonatal FlextubeTM breathing systems have an improved adaptable design, which will
allow more  exibility and user choice.
The section of the green inspiratory limb closest to the patient can now be removed, meaning the same breathing system can be used for ventilating in an incubator (see Figure 1), with the temperature probe outside the incubator, or, by removing this section for where the temperature probe will be closer to the Y-piece for open cot use (see Figure 2)
Figure 1: Ventilating in an incubator Temperature probe outside
of the incubator
Adjustable breathing systems for use on the SLE® ventilators requiring a  ow restrictor, contain an additional interchangeable short limb allowing the clinician to modify the system for incubator or open cot usage.
Figure 2: Ventilating for open cot use
Temperature probe proximal to the patient
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