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Nebuliser Therapy • HOT TopTM2 Nebuliser
HOT TopTM2 nebuliser
The HOT Top2 nebuliser is a new design of open nebuliser incorporating twin entrainment ports for high output  ows resulting in reduced treatment times and improved patient compliance.
In addition, the HOT Top2 nebuliser incorporates a number
of improved features. These include a lower residual volume to reduce drug waste. A calibrated drug cup, indicating how much drug is in the nebuliser, has a quick-release  tting which enables the nebuliser to be attached and detached with a quarter-turn, speeding up the re lling process and providing a more reliable seal between the cup and the nebuliser body.
The HOT Top2 nebuliser is designed to deliver drugs for tracheobronchial deposition. At an optimum driving gas  ow
Faster treatment times
Improved patient compliance
Calibrated nebuliser cup
Accuracy and quicker preparation for use
HOT Top2 nebulisers – Standard base
1472015 HOT TopTM2 nebuliser
1463015 HOT TopTM2 nebuliser, adult, EcoLite mask kit with tube
1463013 HOT TopTM2 Eco, adult mask kit with tube, single patient use
1468015 HOT TopTM2 nebuliser, paediatric, EcoLite mask kit with tube
1468013 HOT TopTM2 Eco, paediatric mask kit with tube, single patient use
1478015 HOT TopTM2 nebuliser mouthpiece kit with tube
1478013 HOT TopTM2 nebuliser mouthpiece kit with tube single patient use Make an enquiry
HOT Top2 nebulisers – Sure LocTM Base
HOT Top2 nebulisers are available with a Sure Loc base, when used with Intersurgical Sure Loc tube and adaptor this system provides secure connections, preventing accidental tube disconnections from the nebuliser and the  ow meter.
1473015 HOT Top2 nebuliser EcoLite mask kit, Sure Loc base with tube
1474015 HOT Top2 nebuliser EcoLite paediatric mask kit, Sure Loc base with tube
1475015 HOT Top2 nebuliser mouthpiece kit, Sure Loc base with tube
1471015 HOT Top2 nebuliser, Sure Loc base
Lower environmental impact product Reference: 1. Konceviciute. J. 98881 17.07.12
of 8 L/min, 80% of the volume output will comprise particles of less than 5 microns in diameter with a Mass Median Diameter (MMD) of 3 microns.
At the lower driving gas  ow of 6 L/min the performance is equivalent to a conventional closed nebuliser making it suitable for use with compressors, which typically have lower  ow outputs1.
The HOT Top2 mask kits incorporates the Intersurgical EcoLiteTM aerosol mask, this non-PVC mask reduces the environmental impact of this product compared with a conventional mask kit by 28%.
Video available at
Standard 22F Taper
Fits masks, T-pieces and mouthpieces
Quick-release  tting
Fast  lling
Low residual volume
Reduced drug waste
1.8m 30
1.8m 36
1.8m 45
1.8m 45
Tube length
Box Qty.
Tube length
Box Qty.
2.1m 30
1.8m 36
1.8m 45
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