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Aerosol Therapy • Aerosol Masks
Aerosol face masks
A comprehensive range of masks, available in paediatric, small adult and adult sizes and include designs with or without nose clips. Intersurgical EcoLiteTM options are available made from non-PVC material, part of our Eco range.
1188015 Intersurgical EcoLite, adult, aerosol mask 1198015 Intersurgical EcoLite, paediatric, aerosol mask 1101000 Small adult, aerosol mask
1148000 Paediatric, aerosol mask
1108000 Adult, aerosol mask with nose clip Make an enquiry
Tracheostomy masks and T-pieces
A high quality, lightweight mask with a quick-release elastic for ease of use.
Because we don't use any PVC the environmental impact is signi cantly less than conventional masks, in fact 82% less.
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1200050 Intersurgical EcoLite, adult, tracheostomy mask
1206000 Paediatric, tracheostomy mask
1980000 Tracheostomy T-piece
1984000 Tracheostomy T-piece with 7.6mm port Make an enquiry
50 42 70 35 70
Box Qty.
22M 30
22M 35
22M-22M-22M/15F 25
22M-22M-22M/15F 25
Box Qty.
Lower environmental impact product
Intersurgical • Quality, innovation and choice

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