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TrachSealTM Closed Suction System
Suction catheter Available in four adult sizes and
in two lengths
for attachment to endotracheal or tracheostomy tube
Retainable irrigation port cap
Preventing accidental loss of the cap
Soft catheter tip with Murphy eyes Allows gentle suction of patient secretions
Isolation valve
Isolates catheter for rinsing on the 72-hour systems
When closed, prevents accidental advancement of the catheter
Double swivel elbow Facilitates the movement of
the patient and prevents trauma
Flexible catheter mount
Can be added for increased  exibility and patient comfort
Disconnection wedge
For removal of the closed suction system from
the endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes with minimal discomfort to
the patient
Catheter length markings
Depth level indicators for easy positioning of the catheter
Improved sleeve
Clear: allowing for constant monitoring of patient secretions
Strong: with improved feel for catheter insertion
Quiet: less noise ensuring the patient is not disturbed
Colour coding
Product size easily identi ed in line with International Standards
suction valve
Allows perfect control of the applied suction force and a positive locking system to reduce the risk of accidental depression
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