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Oral Care • Daily protocol kits | Accessories
Daily protocol kits
In order to help in the introduction of an oral care protocol we have two basic day kits available for either four hour (q4) or eight hour (q8) interventions. There are also two complete kits including chlorhexidine disinfectant mouthwash for use every four (q4) or eight hours (q8), offering a simple to use single use solution straight from the pack.
OroCare 24 hour day kit – q4 (four hour intervention kit)
Box Qty.
3015000 3014001 3014100 NEW
3015100 NEW Make an enquiry
OroCare 24 hour day kit – q8 (eight hour intervention kit)
OroCareTM 24 hour day kit – q4 (4 hour intervention kit, without foam swab)
OroCare 24 hour day kit with chlorhexidine mouthwash – q4 (four hour intervention kit) 10
OroCare 24 hour day kit with chlorhexidine mouthwash – q8 (eight hour intervention kit) 15
15 10
To complement the range of tooth brushes and suction swabs, Intersurgical has developed a range of accessories and cleaning tools, designed to assist in an ef cient oral care programme in busy intensive care areas.
OroCareTM suction
line splitter
Designed for the simultaneous use of two suction lines on a single suction canister, this may become necessary, when a closed suction system is already attached to the vacuum source.
OroCath Oropharyngeal suction catheter
A highly  exible oropharyngeal catheter for suctioning secretions that may build up between each intervention. It may be attached to any standard  ngertip control suction tubing.
OroFill antibacterial mouthwash
The mouthwash vials contain
an antibacterial solution for easy single-handed procedure of oral hygiene. Vials are simply dropped into the handle of the OroCare2 brush.
OroClean tooth gel
Tooth gel available in single use sachets. This prevents cross contamination of tooth gel tubes and the associated potential for recontamination of patients.
80 100 250
Box Qty.
3018000 OroCath oropharyngeal suction catheter
3010000 OroFill disinfectant mouthwash for use with OroCare2 – 3021000 OroClean tooth gel sachet, 2g
3022000 OroCare suction line splitter Make an enquiry
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