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Oral Care • Cleaning Tools
Cleaning tools
For the most ef cient removal of plaque, a soft bristle toothbrush is recommended. Intersurgical offers a large range of medical toothbrushes with soft bristles and cleaning implements for both adult and paediatric patients in intensive care. These have been designed with small, patient friendly brush heads which allow the user to gently and effectively reach all areas of the oropharynx.
OroCareTM Mini
Ideal for patients with a challenging oropharyngeal situation, the long slim neck of this brush assists the user in reaching all areas of the oropharynx.
OroCareTM Aspire suction toothbrush
With built in direct attachment to the suction line,
this toothbrush eliminates the need for an additional yankauer. The long slim neck of this brush helps to reach all areas of the oral cavity without interfering with ET tubes and other equipment.
The handle acts as a reservoir for the antibacterial mouthwash vials (available separately). The mouthwash is released by gently squeezing the handle whilst carefully brushing the patient’s teeth with the soft atraumatic bristles. Standard suction tubing may
be attached to the end of the handle and can be controlled by a comfortably located thumb port.
OroCareTM Select
Standard suction tubing can be attached and controlled by the ergonomically designed thumb port. The handle includes an empty ampoule, which can be  lled by the user with an antibacterial solution.
Box Qty.
3011000 OroCare Mini toothbrush 3017000 OroCare Sensitive oral suction wand 3012000 OroCare Select toothbrush 3016000 OroCare Aspire suction toothbrush
3008000 OroCare2 all-in-one suction toothbrush
3008001 OroCare2 with self- llable vial
OroCareTM Sensitive oral suction wand
This unique suction wand is used for cleaning delicate gums and tissues. The integral moulded soft head provides a safer solution to the commonly used foam swab, while the wand allows application of antibacterial solutions for gentle cleaning of the teeth and soft pallet.
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