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Breathing Systems for Critical Care • Adult Breathing Systems for Transport Ventilators
Adult breathing systems for transport ventilators
We offer a range of disposable adult transport breathing systems for use with the majority of transport ventilators for inter departmental and inter hospital patient transport or transfer. Set up ready for use, straight from the pack, they use a selection of valves and  ow sensors designed and validated for the appropriate ventilators, as shown.
The Oxylog® 3000, 3000 plus and 2000 plus systems also feature an over moulded connector block for the  ow sensor lines, ensuring secure connection and correct orientation of the two lines.
Connector block
For ease of connection to the ventilator, always in the correct orientation
Tube clips
To retain  ow sensor line and control line
Colour-coded lines
To ensure correct  ow sensor direction
Control line
Double swivel elbow with double  ip top cap
Control valve
Safety cap
To prevent contamination
Transport ventilator
System shown is for use with Oxylog® 3000, 3000 plus and 2000 plus.
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One-way valve
Flow sensor
Calibrated for Oxylog® ventilator 3000, 3000 plus and 2000 plus
Oxylog is a registered trademark of Dräger Medical GmbH.

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