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Information Sheet • Resuscitation and Emergency Care

The complete solution

Intersurgical can offer you a complete range of products for use in an emergency and resuscitation situation. From initial mouth-to-mask 

ventilation, to airway management, oxygen therapy and accessories, you will ind the products you need in this information sheet.

Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) 

resuscitation systems

In an emergency situation time is vital, there is no 
opportunity to check patient history and expensive 

re-usable equipment can often become contaminated. 
To avoid cross infection from blood, vomit and 
secretions we offer a complete range of single

use BVM systems for use in resuscitation and 
emergency care.

Oxygen Rapid bag recoil Handle
Following patient Allows one-handed 
bag ventilation
Textured bag
relief valve 

For improved grip
40cm H2O on 
selected bags

Face mask 

inlation valve 
Positioned on top 

of the mask for 
ease of use when 
optimising seal

3m oxygen tubing

Clear mask
Reservoir bag
Soft anatomical 
For good patient Is glued in place cushion 

facial visibility
ready for use
For a comfortable it

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